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Nomad 4300 klebematte 60x115 * Krt a 6pk a 40 stk

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Nomad 4300 adhesive mat 60x115

For areas with strict requirements to remove the last fine dust and dirt from shoe soles and trolley wheels. The bottom of the mat attaches to all clean surfaces and dirty sheets are easily removed so that a new adhesive surface emerges.

- Length: 1.5 meters
- Width: 0.9 meters
- Carton: 6 packs
- Content per. Package: 40 sheets
- Total content: 240 sheets per. krt

Applications are:
- Laboratories and operating rooms in hospitals, paint shops for vehicles and in research,
  electronics and pharmaceutical companies
- Alternately blue and white numbered markers for good control and compliance with the
    hygiene and cleanliness

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