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Mikrofibermopp U9K Speil & Vindu 35cm (Kompatibelt med Swep)

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Glass & Window Mop 35 U9K with Velcro is ideal for cleaning of larger mirrors, windows, lifts or other delicate surfaces that will be shining after washing. Do the job faster and more efficiently than traditional cloth washing.

30150 Swep tavlemoppeplate 35cm (plast)  (114424)
30151 Swep TAVLE teleskopskaft 50-90cm.  (111384)


What is so unique with our U9K Glass & Window mop

U9K Color System
Color coding for easy visually separating the mop to prevent cross contamination
(Yellow = Infection, Red = Wet room and toilets, Green = General areas, Blue = Catering areas)

U9K`e Micro Loops
With its small micro loops, the mop easily loosens dirt and stains from the surface without scratches, and mop the loops, keeps it dirty and transports it away

U9K Boiling temperature
The mops can be boiled up to 95C

U9K sliding property
With its unique fiber composition, this is a further developed mop that won "Best in Test" in Cleaning. The mops are far below the requirement for maximum fiction.

U9K absorption ability
With its built-in absorption pad, the mops attract moisture so you avoid moisture and dirt streaks after the mop when you wash. Use the mop longer between each shift

U9K on spot removal with a zigzag pattern
The unique soaked sawing pattern with small scrubbing jaws helps to dissolve dirt from the surface even better without overlying the surface.

U9K hangs hank
Hank to grab to loosen it from the mop plate, carry it with or simply to hang the mop up.

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