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Barramatt "Premium Quality" *kn a 10 lt

Prod nr: 21057

pH 8,7
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Barramatt "Premium Quality"

Barramatt is a matt floor polish with 25% dry matter content approved according to DIN 18032_2.
Durable and non-slip. Withstands spills of alcohol and disinfectants.

For vinyl, linoleum, wood, stone and sports floors. Barramatt takes care of the floor's original
DIN 18032-02 standard.

What Is DIN 18032-02?
Simply explained, DIN 18032-02 is a standard for strength, flexibility, impact force, friction, etc. in a sports floor. A floor polish can
affect and change the friction of the floor using an unapproved polish. Barramatt is approved according to DIN 18032-02
and safeguards the floor's original DIN 18032-02 approval.

Bar mat gives a "matte" surface. Durable and non-slip. Resistant to spills from alcohol and disinfectants after product curing time. As the left side of the small picture above.
Do you want a more "Wet look" surface as the right side of the small picture above. Se Barraglanz (21056)
Laid directly on vinyl floors
Laid directly on a track floor, at least 2 coats
If you have an old coating / wooden floor in a sports hall - gymnasium that does not satisfy the friction according to DIN 18032-02, Barramatt is the solution.
In order for the floor to satisfy the DIN 18032-02 standard after cleaning the floor, you must use a DIN approved product such as Blue Star Ocean (11096 or 21073)
Laid on linoleum, stone and wood floors, but with Stone & Wood primer (21041) as primer first.
High quality and extremely durable surface polish - also for high speed polishing
Including anti-slip agents for a non-slip surface
Ideal for use on sports coatings
Withstands drips from hand seepage on the floor without any marks on the polish
Surface restoration in combination with Solex (21055) system
Drying time approx. 40 min.
10 liters is enough for about 400-500m2 depending on the surface
Completely cured after 96 hours

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