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EvoClean (Hydro) Doseringsanlegg for tøy - Komplett

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The world’s first venturi-based, water-powered laundry chemical dispenser

EvoClean can be used for on-premise laundry applications requiring three to eight products and includes an integrated flush manifold for quick product delivery to the washers.

It offers a variety of advantages.

  • Compact Design: The system weighs anywhere from 40%-80% less than competitive dispensers and takes up less space on the wall.
  • Reduced Installation Time, Service and Labor: The dispenser is designed to reduce installation time, service and labor. It has pre-wired power and signal cables, eliminating the need to run conduit or terminate wires inside the dispenser. There are no squeeze tubes, which are generally changed every 1-6 months. Also, the integrated flush manifold eliminates the need to source and install multiple products. Everything that is needed comes together in a single, compact system and can be mounted with a simple bracket and 2 screws.
  • Installer and Operator Safety: EvoClean reduces the risk of shock, because it utilizes low voltage inside the housing. It has been certified safe according to various global standards, including UL and CSA in North America and CE for Europe.
  • Predictable Wash Results: Because EvoClean does not utilize squeeze tubes, it does not experience a reduction in delivery performance over time due to squeeze tube wear. The unit must only be calibrated once and will not under-deliver chemicals. This contributes to more predictable wash results.
  • Water and Energy Savings: EvoClean saves both water and energy. It uses less water because its eductor restricts flow to 0.5 GPM or 1.0 GPM, depending on the model. It also saves energy because it does not use AC or DC motors.
  • Flexibility: EvoClean is backwards compatible with the Total Eclipse Controller, which can accommodate up to 20 formulas. The controller offers Auto Formula Select to simplify formula selection, as well as detailed reports on chemical usage, production, and costs.
  • Accessories: Can be used in conjunction with Hydro’s Low Level Alarm and Depletion Wands

Watch this video to see how it works

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