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Meta Scrub 60 - Robot gulvvasker

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META-Scrub 60  

The perfect partner for all cleaning procedures. Simple and effective.


Smart Sensors Detection

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance
Equipped with a combination of 12 sensors, META-SCRUB 60 can identify, detect, and avoid static and dynamic obstacles in all situations allowing it to perform safe cleaning operations.

Live Stream Camera
Our robots are safe to be also keep people safe. Equipped with a live stream camera, META-SCRUB 60 can record continuously more than a week of video footage for the safety of everybody.


Dynamic Cleaning Operations

Edge Cleaning Technology
The ability to clean close to walls is now a reality! With less than 10cm gap between our META-SCRUB 60 and walls, METABOTS push beyond existing industry standards.

Zero Degree Turning radius
Thanks to its unique ability to rotate, META-SCRUB 60 can deliver superior cleaning efficiency in comparison to other cleaning robots and machines, suppressing the cleaning gap between 2 cleaning passages.



Flexible & Simplified User Interface
Multi-platform connection

Using Mirror technology, METABOTS application can be used from any type of device simultaneously. Users can use their own devices to control and interact with META-SCRUB 60.

Removable tablet interface
Our robotic teams have developed a unique removable tablet concept never seen for cleaning robots before. Users can directly interact with META-SCRUB 60 panel control or remove it for remote control.

Short range & Long-Range Robot Control
No matter the distance you will always be connected to METABOTS M60. Thanks to dual wireless connection technology, users can choose whether they want to directly connect via a short-range connection or remotely using a long-range connection (via cloud technology).



Simple & Fast Maintenance

Robotic maintenance never has been made that simple! META-SCRUB 60 maintenance can easily be done by one operator alone. No tools are needed and screws to remove to get access to the different technical elements.

Replaceable battery for extended operation time.
Auto-dumping of water tanks with a single button.
Removable front bumper for easy brush replacement.
Universal access key to all compartments (Tablet, Battery, Power).


Communication with elevator and charging station

Automatic dumping and water filling
Scrub operations up to 4 hours
Vacuums up to 12 hours

Elevator communication

For elevator and access door integration, it will work in communication with Kone, Otis and Schindler elevators




Cleaning Width

600 MM

Cleaning efficiency

2,100 M2 / Hour

Brush Rotation Speed

180 RPM

Water Recycling


Clean Water Tank

50 L (3-Stage Filtration)

Recovery Tank

50 L

Running Time

Up to 4 Hours

Charging Time

4 Hours

Max. Operational Speed

1 M / S


2D LIDAR (x1),
  3D Camera (x4),
  Front Security Camera (x1),
  Ultrasonic Sensors (x5),
  Electronic Bumper (x1),


75 DBa


200 KG

Dimensions (L x W x H)

810 x 784 x 1115 MM





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