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Velkommen til Premiere på nett!

Fagkunnskap, service og kvalitet siden 1978

Granit Tab F- Frityrrens tab. "Premium Quality" *sp a 45 stk

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GRANIT TAB F - Deep-fried cleaning tablet. - Quick, easy and safe to use without skin contact

• Intensive solubility of baked and resinous organic matter such as starch, carbon, fat and proteins
• Simple and safe use and no direct skin contact with the tablet due to water-soluble film
• Combination of specially active ingredients
• Not suitable for alkali-sensitive surfaces (eg Aluminum)
* Application: For professional cleaning of deep fryers
* pH: 13

How to Clean a Fryer on 1 - 2 - 9
1. Drain the fryer oil
2. Remove loose dirt and fill the fryer with water. (Up to 10 liters per tablet.)
3. Set the temperature to 120C
4. When the water boils, take the Grantit tab. F the tablet out of the aluminum foil
5. Add Grantit tab. F in the boiling water with the plastic wrap on.
6. Leave the water with Grantit tab. F the tablet in the fryer cook for about 20 min.
7. Turn off the heat and drain out the dirty water.
8. Clean the rest of the fryers with Purina RTU, rinse with water and wipe with a cloth
9. Add new oil.

Why Use Granite Tab F.
• Fresh and better food, as old and solid burned fat in the container and on the heating elements lends food quality
• Old and burnt fat reduces the quality and service life of the fryer oil.
• Dirty hot elements need longer to transfer heat to the oil, which in turn gives greater energy consumption
• Dirty and contaminated oil due to. Poor cleaning requires oil to be changed more often.
• If you take out the food after the normal cooking time and the heat does not work properly, the food will come out as half made  

Norvina - Asian grocery & express take away
“Our 7 year old fryer was almost like new. All the grease that had burned and which we previously could not remove without scraping it away is gone. The new fryer oil also keeps the fresher longer and the food tastes better ”

Hege Løyning Larsen,


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