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Velkommen til Premiere på nett!

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Ecoforce Premium No 4 "Premium Quality" *fl a 1 lt

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pH 9
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Premium No 4 is a floor maintanance product. It repairs and fixes small strips on the floor without leaving any wax that traditional care products do. Therefore, it is also DIN 18032-2 approved (Se below for more information). 
Contains alcohol which cleans the floor well while giving the product a nurturing effect. Very resistant to stains. Ideal for flooring in sports halls.


Approved floor care according to standard DIN 18032-2
Sports floors are designed according to specific norms in order to safeguard the athlete's health in the best possible way with regard to sports injuries etc. All sports floors must be washed and maintained. Using the wrong cleaning products can have fatal consequences for an athlete. Unapproved cleaning products can leave a thin layer of soap film that will affect the floor surface. The surface loses its optimal friction and the floor becomes smoother. Along with sweat from the practitioner there is a greater risk of injury.

What is DIN 18032-02?
DIN 18032-02 is a standard for strength, flexibility, impact, friction etc. in a sports floor. Cleaning can affect and change the friction of the floor using an unapproved detergent. Premium No 4 is approved according to DIN 18032-02 and does not change the surface friction after washing.

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